MyMINIGLASS Collection

Seves MYMINIGLASS blocks enhance privacy, maximize light and add just the right touch of color to decorate your interior and exterior spaces. MyMINIGLASS, in contemporary 6 in. sizing, is the perfect solution for windows, shower walls, kitchen islands and backsplashes, room dividers, statement pieces and decorative accents. Choose from seven shades or mix and match, to brighten any room with translucent light and a splash of soft, diffused color. 

  • Made of 100% real glass, MyMINIGLASS blocks are a highly durable solution for interior and exterior spaces offering more design options than ever before
  • Please note: MyMiniGlass blocks are compatible with 3-in glass blocks (Wave, Diamond, Frost, Clear, Ice/Cortina, Bronze); not compatible with 4-in blocks
  • Colors can be combined to create decorative mosaics and creative designs in wlls, room dividers, landings, railings, shower and bath enclosures, kitchens, entry ways and much more
  • MyMINIGLASS blocks are available in 6 in. x 6 in. x 3 in. (actual size: 5.75 in. x 5.75 in. x 3.15 in.), end linear (bullnose), end curved (double bullnose) and corner finishing pieces
  • MyMINIGLASS colors include bluberry, mint, licorice, cherry, apricot, vanilla and white, these luscious colors are achieved by a special application of color to the edge of each glass block
  • Compatible with 24 and 42 Block MyMINI Installation Kits
  • See how it works. Build your own wall with MyMINIGLASS Digital Wall Configurator




Arctic Crackled Linear 

Arctic Crackled Bullnose 

Arctic Crackled Double Bullnose 

Arctic Crackled Corner 

Blueberry Crackled Linear

Bluberry Crackled Bullnose 

Blueberry Crackled Double Bullnose 

Blueberry Crackled Corner 

Mint Crackled Linear 

Mint Crackled Bullnose 

Mint Crackled Double  Bullnose 

Mint Crackled Corner 

Cherry Crackled Linear  Cherry Crackled Bullnose  Cherry Crackled Double Bullnose  Cherry Crackled Corner
Vanilla Crackled Linear  Vanilla Crackled Bullnose Vanilla Crackled Double Bullnose Vanilla Crackled Corner
Licorice Crackled Linear  Licorice Crackled Bullnose Licorice Crackled Double Bullnose Licorice Crackled Corner
Apricot Crackled Linear  Apricot Crackled Bullnose Apricot Crackled Double Bullnose Apricot Crackled Corner