Glass Block Windows

Replacing your existing basement, bathroom or garage windows with new glass block windows is one of the most cost effective upgrades you can make for your home.  There are many reason to perform this upgrade; security, privacy, thermal efficiency, and sound deadening are among the most common.

Most original basement windows are a single pane of glass in a wood, steel, or aluminum frame.  In addition to the poor performance of a single pane of glass itself; most often there is no weather strip or seal between the sash and the frame.  This means winter and summer air are getting in to your basement.  In most cases the basement is where the furnace and water-heater are.  The more moderate the temperature around those appliances, the more efficiently they will operate.

In most cases when a window is replaced with a new glass block window, the entire frame is removed so that the new glass block window can be installed into the foundation.  By doing this, we eliminate any remaining wood or metal that can rust or rot.

Besides your new weather barrier, glass block windows are thick!  3-1/8" to be exact.  Not only will they keep out the weather, they keep out the noise.  This also makes them virtually impenetrable to would-be burglars.

There are 6 different glass block selections available; wavy, diamond, ice, clear, frosted and bronze.  Each performs equally but offer different degrees of privacy.

Glass block windows will:

  • Keep the weather out
  • Keep the bugs out
  • Keep the burglars out
  • Keep the noise out
  • Keep the prying eyes out

View the Glass Block Window Size Chart

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Wavy Glass Block Pattern
Ice Glass Block Pattern
Diamond Glass Block Pattern
Clear Glass Block Pattern
Bronze Glass Block Pattern
Frosted Glass Block Pattern
Redi2Set Basement Window
Redi2Set Basement Window