wedi Shower Accessories

Every Fundo Primo, Ligno and EcoBath One Step shower base comes with the standard shower drain.  The drain is 1/8” thick brushed stainless steel.

Additionally, the drain kits come with the components to connect the drain to the base and an adapter sleeve for tiles that are thicker than the drain cover.

While the drain fixture itself is included with the Riolito and Riolito Neo bases, the drain cover itself is not included. You would need to select from one of these covers.

The “Standard” cover is a single piece of stainless molded to fit the opening in the drain precisely.

The “Deluxe” cover has a solid stainless bar on the top with squared edges for a more defined line at the transition to the tile.

The “Tileable” cover has a receptacle on the top where you can install the same tile used in the floor for a more hidden drain appearance.

The curbs are manufactured from the same XPS foam that is used in all of wedi’s other waterproof components.  These curbs are available in 5’ and 8’ lengths and can be cut to virtually any size or shape (ADA Ramp 5’ only).

wedi niches are constructed from 1/2” wedi building panels and fit flush to the adjacent boards on the wall.  These niches are manufactured 16” wide to line up with 16” o.c. studs and approximately 3 1/2” deep to fill the space between the two wall surfaces.

wedi makes shower seating easy with a variety of seating options.  Each is constructed using wedi’s XPS foam so they are waterproof and ready for tile.

Subliner-Dry is a dual-sided fleece laminated polyethylene film rated as “Extra Heavy” (ASTM C627) for use as underlayment in both residential and commercial applications.

Subliner-Dry is both a crack-bridging and waterproofing membrane.  It is the recommended underlayment for use with a Fundo Ligno barrier free base.

With a permeability rating of 0.45 (ASTM E-96) it is suitable for use inside a steam shower.

The Discreto is a unique “in-wall” drain used in conjunction with a Riolito or Riolito Neo shower base in lieu of one of the traditional Riolito drain covers.

It can be installed in the front fascia of a bench or in a false wall within the shower. 

The classy stainless drain cover can be installed with either the stainless cover exposed it can be reversed and tiled leaving only a small gap exposed.  In either event, the cover is easily removed to clean or service the drain.