A.D.A. and Curbless Bases

“Barrier-free”, “Roll-in”, “A.D.A. Compliant”, “Transition Free”, or simply “Curbless”;
no matter what you call it, it’s never been easier thanks to wedi

A shower without a curb is not only a more modern look, it’s also a very practical design. 

“Aging in place” is a phrase that’s been used for years in the construction industry to remind us to consider the design decisions of today so that they don’t become a burden as we get older.

These two shower products provide a modern design aesthetic while making shower entry easier for us if we rely on assistance with a walker, wheel chair, or if we just can’t get our feet as far off the ground as we used to.

The wedi Ligno base is pre-sloped to a minimum fall of 1/4” per foot towards the drain.  This 3/4” thick base replaces the existing 3/4” subfloor where the shower will be by relocating the subfloor to between the floor joists rather than on top of them. 

By not cutting the joists, you’re not affecting any structural components for which you would have to get a structural engineer involved.

Technical Drawings:

wedi recessed Fundo shower with barrier free entry

wedi Fundo shower base with ADA compliant ramp


The A.D.A. ramp is an accessory component that works with virtually any Fundo Primo base.  It has a fall from 1 9/16” to 1/4” in thickness over a span of 12” meeting the building code requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act for wheel-chair access.

This ramp has an edge profile that matches the Primo bases and is used in lieu of a curb.  In some designs, this ramp can also be used with the Riolito trench drain bases.

If you haven’t hired a contractor yet, we’re happy to refer
you to one of our many certified wedi installers.